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Addicted to food?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011


By Para Mehta, RD/

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A lot of people love food and claim to be “foodies.” But what about being a food addict which makes it hard to stop eating or thinking about your favorite foods most of the time?

Some research from Yale University and the University of Southern California show that slim people who were showed pictures of calorie rich foods had a higher ability to manage the  impulse control area of the brain, compared to obese people.

With roughly seven out of ten adults in the United States being overweight or obese, eating habits, calorie intake, insufficient physical activity and other factors can be a cause.  Having food related events and activities surrounding us does not help the situation! Halloween around the corner, sports venues like the World Series, football on Sundays and Mondays, and next month holiday season unfolds again.

Delicious foods find their way to our kitchens and plates. That’s why a game plan is necessary to curtail those food traps. Plan on having only one calorie rich food during game time, and bring in healthier, tasty dishes around it. For example, if you love sliders or hot dogs during a game, add in baked potatoes with gaucomole to top it,  some veggie wrap sandwiches, and a bowl of mixed fruit.

Being savvy and selective about food choices is the main strategy to focus on during the upcoming holidays. The blogs in the coming weeks will discuss how to handle the holiday eating frenzy, so stay tuned! For more help, you can check out, Grade Your Plate at:

Online or phone consulting with a registered dietitian is also a big plus! Working with an RD can help you get through the holidays, keep those pounds away and be steps ahead for the New Year! Find out more about online and phone consulting at:

Send in your comments about how you handle food traps!