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Post holiday slump?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

By Para Mehta, RD/

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It’s already the second week of January, and back to work, school, and long days are part of the scene, often resulting in a post holiday slump. Not having a job to go back to can amplify post holiday slump. Getting back to tight schedules and deadlines is difficult after the holidays. Making New Year resolutions and implementing them can turn in to a questionable after thought.

Here are some ways to get over post holiday slump:

Relate to the fact that everyone is in the same boat, so we’re all in it together.

Be thankful that you have a job even if it you’re not thrilled with it or things about it

If you don’t like your job or boss, work on a strategy to change that like transferring to another dept or a new job that meets and welcomes your skill

If you are going to make New Year resolutions, this is a good time to do so since you’re back into the routine of January, and you know what you can handle

Don’t make overwhelming resolutions, only make one or two that you can actually stick to

If your health needs improvement, don’t ignore it. Find a way to get help with your health since it is the foundation to a quality life

Wish everyone a happy and healthy 2012! Thank you for visiting the site and blog, and be sure to find solutions better health at